Stokes Valley Community Constable
December 2002

Constable Keith Wright Keith Wright
Community Constable
Stokes Valley

Naenae Community Policing Centre
5-11 Sladden Street, Naenae
P O Box 35-110
Ph 567-5889
Fax 567-5138

The Valley has had a total of five burglaries for the month of November (Harold Grove, Chittick Street, Hanson Grove, Horoeka Street, August Street). Three of these were committed during daylight hours and the other two at night. As in past months, the same sorts of items seem to be targeted. They are cash, jewellery and small electrical items. Please don't hesitate to use the engraver from our office to mark your items with your name.

Wilful Damage
We have had more reports of damage to our schools. If the offenders are not tagging the schools, they have been setting fires. We had one report of three young males smashing a large hole into the play asphalt on the playground at Tui Glen School. Thanks to some very good information coming in, three 14 year olds were apprehended for the damage. I have great pleasure in letting these people try to explain their actions to a Youth Court Judge.

Let's look after our schools, especially over the Christmas and New Year period.

Boy Racers
Just a note to the boyracer who, in mid-November, ran over a much loved cat on Tawhai Street in front of several young children and didn't stop - your day will come!

Christmas and New Year
On a happier note, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all residents in Stokes Valley, a great Christmas and a very happy and safe New Year. If you are one of the fortunate ones to get away over the New Year period, have a safe and relaxing break.

The Stokes Valley Police Office will be closed from 24th December 2002 until 27th January 2003. For any Policing matters contact Naenae or Lower Hutt Police.