Stokes Valley News Editorial
December 2002

I have spent the last couple of weeks looking at the possibility of having a bridge constructed at the entrance of the valley, one that would link us directly with State highway 2. I have researched who owns land around the site of a potential bridge. I have also put the case to the Northern Ward Committee and the Operation and Compliance Committee of Council, where it was agreed the idea was worth investigating.

How did this come about? What put the idea in my mind? Well the answer is simple really. The Wellington Regional Council has a plan supposedly aimed at improving commuter options and traffic flows around the valley as well as into Wellington City. This plan has a number of ideas that should simply never happen if common sense prevails. Examples of this include a road being built through Belmont park to link us with Porirua, at an estimated cost of $62 Million.

They would like to add an extra lane on the Motorway, between Petone and Ngauranga for traffic going into Wellington. The down side is they want to make it a toll lane, called a "HOT lane" standing for "High Occupancy Toll" lane.

Included in this list is the idea of allocating $7 million for upgrading the Silverstream Bridge. This "upgrade" actually consists of adding another two lanes.

A ball park figure to build a new bridge at the entrance of the valley has been given as $5 - $6 Million. Doesn't it seem logical to improve access for 10,000 people who live in Stokes Valley and save $1 million?

This time we may have a chance. Everyone I have spoken to in the community is for the idea. The Northern Ward Committee, Western Ward Committee and the Operation and Compliance Committee are all for the Idea being investigated further. The Regional Councillors I have spoken to are also in favour of a bridge for Stokes Valley.

If you feel It's time Stokes Valley had a bridge again, (yes, that's right we had a road bridge up until 1932 then a foot bridge until 1952, but that’s another story) then let's keep the pressure on.

Submissions are being called for on the Hutt Corridor plan, by the Wellington Regional Council, with a closing date of 20 December. Making your views known to the Ward committee and City Councillors is another way of gaining support.

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