Hutt Corridor Plan

A paper went before the last meeting of the NWC with recommendations for changes to the Hutt road structure that included a "H.O.T. Lane" into Wellington.

The High Occupancy Toll Lane" would be a fifth lane between Petone and Ngauranga that could be reversible during peak times. Motorists could pay as much as $2.00 per trip to use the lane if the system were to be introduced. Payment would be either a prepay system or Electronic scanner type of system. The proposal would provide a fast lane for those prepared to pay and arguably lead to some fuel efficiencies. There would need to be considerable changes made to the cycling track.

Revenue from the toll would help pay for the construction of a replacement cycle track on the Motorway and contribute to the enforcement costs of the toll system. If built it would be the first of its type in New Zealand

Other items in the paper included:

Submissions on the issues can be made to The Manager of Transport Policy, Wellington Regional Council, by 20th December 2002