Stokes Valley Library
December 2002

Free Internet: We are now able to offer free access to some Internet sites in the library. Basically it is for New Zealand sites and some limited overseas sites. This will allow you to download Government Department forms, search New Zealand job sites, and look up information for homework among other things. Ask for help from the library staff. We will still charge .20cents per page for printouts. E-Mail and browsing the Net for overseas sites other than the limited ones will still be charged at $2 per quarter hour.

The next reading club meeting will be on 9 December instead of 16 December so it is not so close to Christmas and we will be discussing Christmas books. Everyone is welcome. We won’t be having a meeting in January however, and then will begin again in February on the third Monday of the month for the rest of the year.

We are getting quite a few new junior books through at the moment and these are displayed on the shelves at the beginning of the children’s non-fiction. Joy Cowley’s latest, Froghopper which is about a family’s sailing adventure around the Marlborough Sounds is now available. The Boxing Day Test by Sharon Whillis and John Bennett is a great read for 7 to 9 year olds, especially those who love cricket. For Jacqueline Wilson fans, the latest in the “Girlfriends” series, Girls in Tears is on order. It will take a couple of months to come through, but you can put in a reserve, and remember your reserves are free on junior cards for junior items.

In December we will be exchanging a large quantity of adult fiction and detective books with another library. This will freshen the collection and give our prolific readers something different for the summer holidays. Look out for our display of Christmas books to give you ideas for baking, crafts and gifts for the festive season.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year

Coralie Walton
Team Leader
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