Research About Pregnancy and Childbirth in First Time Mothers

Doctorate student Jessica Shaw is doing research at Victoria University that is looking at New Zealand women’s experiences of pregnancy and childbirth and she is looking for women who are pregnant to participate.

The research is looking at women’s feelings and anxieties regarding pregnancy, their attitudes and expectations about birth, and their thoughts regarding the current social climate concerning pregnancy and birth.

By following 250 different women throughout their pregnancy the research will get a truly complete picture of what is important to first time mothers, and how this affects their birth experiences and expectations differently.

Jessica says, "there is an expectation that women should feel a certain way when they become pregnant. I want to illustrate that women’s feelings and experiences of pregnancy are very diverse. Women have hugely varied feelings and expectations of pregnancy and childbirth, and by showing others this through research, we can help contribute to the knowledge and resources that other pregnant women have available to them."

The information from The Pregnancy and Childbirth Study will be used to help improve the quality of the information provided to women, the public and maternity providers.

If you are over 16, a first time mum (if you have had a miscarriage before this pregnancy you can still be in the study), less than 22 weeks pregnant, and interested in Jessica’s research, you can contact her the following ways:
Phone: 0800 15 15 98