Stokes Valley Community Constable
March 2002

Constable Keith Wright Keith Wright
Community Constable
Stokes Valley

Naenae Community Policing Centre
5-11 Sladden Street, Naenae
P O Box 35-110
Ph 567-5889
Fax 567-5138


The Valley has had a total of three burglaries for February 2002, with two being committed during daylight hours. The other was an attempted burglary at night but the offenders were scared off by the occupants of the house. The burglaries were in Logie Street, Kereru Grove and Holborn Drive.


Calls have been received reporting a male Maori, aged approximately 17-20 years, of large build, with a number one haircut. This person has been observed knocking on doors in Raukau Grove at the top of the valley during some afternoons. He is asking for fictitious names. He is taking a keen interest in the properties, I believe, with a view to committing a burglary to houses in the area.

Don't hesitate if you have someone of this description knock on your door asking for a fictitious name during the hours of 8.00 am - 5.00 pm. RING THE POLICE!


There has been a large amount of damage occurring to the areas of Scott Court and Speldhurst Park. For some reason the local youth don't seem to like the improvements that the local business groups and residents have fought so hard to get.

With so many areas in the district looking a little shabby, we managed to have not only the shopping centre, but also our local park tidied up, and a handful of youngsters managed to spoil it for the rest of us.

Please, if you see this mindless vandalism going on - RING THE POLICE!


Unfortunately we have had an increase in these offences with three cars being stolen and six cars being broken into.

One vehicle that was parked outside the local Cosmopolitan Club had two sets of golf clubs stolen. Do you know who has them? If so, contact my office and we will try our best to get them back.

One of the cars stolen was a silver/grey Mazda 626 recovered in Delaney Drive on 21 February. This vehicle was responsible for a large amount of wheelies that were done the night before in that street. Again, if you know who was doing this, give my office a call.

If you don't it may be your children these idiots run over.

Keith Wright
Community Constable
Stokes Valley