Cossie Club Village Fair Successful

The Village Fair organisd by the Stokes Valley Cosmopolitan Club on the afternoon of Sunday 24 February was "quite the success," pretty much according to all those who attended. For the crowd there was a series of well- organised and fun events, and, according to Cosmopolitan Club President John Anderson, "This was the first of what we hope will be many successful fair days. Our aim is to bring the community together and foster community spirit."

The Mayor, John Terris, opened the fair day and made special mention of the Cosmopolitan Club for organising the event and in particular Club manager Steve Watson, Club President John Anderson and and Vice President Al McMurchie for their work.

There were many stalls and performances put on by locals and in an effort to raise funds, but also just for the sake of having a good time. Some of the Groups attending included The Stokes valley Kindergarten, the Hutt Valley Hot Rod Club, the Kensington Guard Marching Team, the Stokes Valley Pottery Club, the Stokes Valley Day Care Centre, and, of course, Community Constable Keith Wright was on hand to provide police car rides for the kids.

Regular performers at the Cosmopolitan Club, and well-known crowd favourites Mark Southern and his son Steve played songs to the crowd throughout the afternoon.

Sponsors for the fair were DB Breweries, Montana Wines and Toops Wholesalers.

Michael Love, Oliver Bennettt & Nicholas Southall pose for the camera in police jackets.

Some of the cars on display by the Hutt Valley
Hot Rod Club

Cosmopolitan Club Manager Steve Watson sacrifices all for the sake of charity in the sponge stocks....

...and relaxes with a well-deserved beer near the close of the day! Good to see that relaxed smile, Steve!