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- May 2002 [Archive]

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This Month!

This month we bring you the following news and features:

The Stokes Valley Anzac Day Parade
We provide a picture heavy report on the Anzac Day Parade. We also provide sound files of the morning, including the playing of the Last Post.
Stokes Valley History Part 5
We continue with the fifth in our series of short articles on the history of Stokes Valley.  This month we look briefly at Stokes Valley's steady move into the modern age, with the development of housing sections and the implementation of basic services.
Motorway South Development
Recent motorists to or from Stokes Valley may have noticed some roadworks just south of the valley entrance. Be careful folks, there's been a reduction in the speed limit too.
Stokes Valley News in Brief
More Northern Ward Musical Chairs! Here are a few smaller stories. They're important enough, but didn't have sufficient detail to warrant a page all of their own.
Just Who are the LIONS?
Julie-Ann Lennon introduces the LIONS and encourages you to get involved.
The Stokes Valley Annual Plan and Your Rates
We report on rates issues discussed at the recent Annual Planning Meeting. We were even so bold as to ask for a rate rise exemption!
Stokes Valley Sporting News
We bring you updates on the latest news for the Stokes Valley Tennis and Rugby clubs.
Stick to Knitting!
Christopher Paul addresses the Hutt City Draft Annual Plan.
Plunket Report
Stokes Valley Plunket is run by Marie Smith. Clinics are held each Tuesday and Wednesday morning at the Plunket Rooms in Evans Street...
Stokes Valley Crime Report
Community Constable Keith Wright updates us on the latest crime figures for Stokes Valley.

Our Comments section includes the following:

When will Stokes Valley Have its Day in the Council's Budgetary Sun?
View from the Terris
Mayor John Terris writes about his view that it is now a crucial "D for Decision Time" for Hutt City.
Hon. Paul Swain
The Hon. Paul Swain M.P. provides comment from Labour's perspective on a number of political issues.
Cr Julie Engelbretsen
Cr Julie Engelbretsen writes about her local council activities
Rev Heather Macdonald
Rev Heather Macdonald of St Philips Anglican Church provides spiritual comment.
Letters to the Editor
See what others have had to say. Use the online form to write a letter yourself.

Our Other Regular Features include:

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Stokes Valley Weather
We are grateful to Derek Chapman of Stokes Valley for providing us with up-to-the-minute weather reports and forecasts.
Stokes Valley Library Report
Coralie Walton provides recent news from the Stokes Valley Library.
Stokes Valley Community Centre
Co-ordinator Janet Te Huia gives her usual cheerful and detailed summary of recent and up and coming events.
Real Estate
Thank you too, to Campbell realty MREINZ for their monthly Real Estate Report. This month setting the right price for your house is discussed.
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Business Directory
An online collection of Stokes Valley business addresses and phone numbers. Be sure to check the new Cosmopolitan Club Inc Online Business Page.
Community Information
An online collection of Community Information, including schools, clubs, health services and more
Stokes Valley Pictorial
A small section of Stokes Valley images - We'd be interested in receiving your special photos for publication. We make every effort to update this section each month.
Stokes Valley Links
A small selection of links to other sites of interest to Stokes Valley residents. We're open for suggestions for inclusion.
SVN Archives
Each issue of Stokes Valley News Online will be archived here.

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